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ALAN Hernández Pastén

Journalist/Producer/Audio Engineer

About Me

About Me

I am a Mexican journalist, multimedia producer, and audio engineer based in Mexico City.

I've been reporting about politics, crime, finance, culture, sports, music, and breaking news for international media for the last 16 years. I first started as a local radio reporter in Mexico City.


Since 2012, I've been collaborating, both freelance and staff, for outlets such as the BBC, The Financial Times, Vice News, Sky Sports, Spin, etc.


I provide fixing, writing, filming, editing, producing, creative, and logistical support

for international news and media outlets, and foreign content creators, who are looking to collaborate in Mexico, the United States, and Central America.


I work in both Spanish and English.


I also provide audio recording, editing, and mastering services for fixers, journalists, and anyone needing a low-cost solution to improve your content.

Work Experience


I offer a wide variety of services aimed at the production of journalistic and entertainment content for foreign media and creators in Mexico.

Fixing services






My clients

Contenido de Alan Hernandez Pasten en Vice News  editor in Mexico
Content of Alan Hernandez Pasten in BBC News -multimedia producer
Content of Alan Hernandez Pasten as Editor in Chief at Cultura Colectiva Mexico
Content of Alan Hernandez Pasten at The Guardian. Opinion Columnist Mexico La Lista
Content as a Production Staff of Alan Hernandez Pasten at Formula E production team
Content of Alan Hernandez Pasten at the Financial Times. Editorial Assistant
Content of Alan Hernandez Pasten as Writer at Spin Magazine in Mexico
Audio recording example of Alan Hernández Pastén at NPO. Audio engineer voice recording
Production Staff Alan Hernandez Pasten Sky Sports F1
Alan Hernandez Pasten Head of Communications ProDESC

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Some of the content may be restricted due to geographic location.

You can download my CV by clicking the image below.

Pasten Audio Shop - Low-cost audio studio for journalist and content creators

Pasten Audio Shop

Low-cost audio studio for journalists and content creators

Flexibility for your content needs

PAS offers professional recording, mixing, and editing services for journalistic and entertainment content at a low cost.


My focus is on delivering high-quality sound and flawless production. I work with media and entertainment companies and content creators at all levels of the industry.

Professional focus on content

PAS studio is located in Mexico City with industry-standard quality equipment and techniques to record voices quickly and efficiently for your radio and video pieces, podcasting, or any content that needs first-class audio.

My approach is based on professional excellence. With years of experience in the industry, I can guarantee a high-quality result in every project.

Personalized attention for every need

I understand the importance of adapting to the individual needs of each client. I offer personalized attention during the recording, editing, and mixing process of your project.


We have the infrastructure to guarantee an efficient workflow that allows you to have your content on time.

On-time delivery and low cost

At PAS, we offer competitive prices that meet the needs of my clients. Your satisfaction is my priority and I am committed to providing reliable and timely service accessible to a wide range of journalists and content creators.

Contact Me

Contact Me

Paseo de la Reforma 604

Tlatelolco, Mexico City, Mexico. 06900

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